LINC-8 as received. It's missing it's LINCTAPE drive, 783 power supply and 243 modules along with the I/O panel that mounts in the upper right.
LINC-8 front panel removed for repair.
LINC-8 modules. There are three sections of modules. The top is the core memory area, the middle is the LINC processor and the bottom is the PDP-8 processor.
As originally received there were over 200 missing modules. I have found all but 48 over the last year. I'll
probably have to make my own reproductions of the rest.
 Straight 8

Original model 708 power supply as received with the LINC-8. It's very dirty and needs to have all parts cleaned and checked.
Original power supply capacitors. Turned out that almost all
needed to be replaced as they would not reform after many
My LINC-8 was missing it's 783 aux. power supply. Fortunately I had one in my spare parts. I checked it out, reformed thw two big 160,000 uF capacitors and replaced the old AC capacitor for the ferroresonant transformer.
Rebuilt power supplies installed in the chassis.
 Missing Flip Chips  LINC-8 
 UPDATED 12/29/2022 
 A130  4 
 A401  1 
 A502  1 

 B115  1 
 B117  1 
 B171  3 

 G007  3 
 G208  1 
 G906  1 

 R102  2 
 R113  5 
 R121  10 
 R122  4 
 R212  6 

 S107  3 
 S603  1 

 W612  1