There are two PDP8/E's in the museum. Both have been restored to running condition. One has a panel marked pdp8/m but it's actually an 8/e panel with incandescent lamps.
Here is a view of the front panel board. I had to fix the switch, some broken traces due to poor shipping, and a bunch of the lamps. The switch is made out of magnetic reed switches and a rotating magnet. Four of the reeds were broken.
The power supply was very dirty. I took it apart and hosed it down, dryed it, then went through the process of reforming the capacitors. They all restored well. The fans were shot so have been replaced. First time powering it up, the output voltages were almost dead on.
The bus load board had some shorted capacitors. Not the usual tantalum ones, but ceramic ones that had been damaged. You can see the tops have been scrapped on many of them, shorting them out.
This 8/e came with an M8655 serial port card. This card worked first time.
Another board with shorted capacitors. See the ones at the top center of the card.
The memory card is an 8k word core from Data Products.
Here's the second PDP8/e. This one was in better condition than the first. After cleaning it up and fixing a bad gate on the major registers board, it's working just fine.